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ABOUT Stand Alone Tile

  • Stand Alone Tile was created in 2013 by Aaron Clark as a way to fuse art, screen printing and ceramics together to create an original style of visual art. The outcome is a medium that will withstand the test of time. Aaron has forged his way through screenprinting since 1988 when he first pushed ink through a screen at Santa Barbara City college while trying to study Drafting and Engineering. Following his studies, he ended up in Arcata, CA and studied Fine Art at Humboldt State University with an emphasis in Printmaking. Ironic as it is, he never studied screen printing there but found his printing passion in Stone Lithography and Ceramics. With drypoint, mono prints, etching and intaglio studies it all revolved around printing. After graduating in 1993 he worked in Northern California’s wine country printing fancy wine labels. It was in that time he and a friend fabricated a screen printing press out of an old record player he had bought as a kid. He started his screen printing business called Broprints in 1994. After moving to Santa Cruz CA, It didn’t flourish until printing for Consolidated Skateboards in 1997 and HE had been doing Broprints on the side, so he decided to branch out. Since then it has grown to one of the larger print shops in Santa Cruz and has been going strong ever since. Now combining his design and printing experience onto earthenware ceramics, he has created an art form unlike any other where prints and clay meet to create images that cycle through his subject matter of present day references where futuristic machines roam. Maybe just a small glimpse into the distant future.Hand Printed Tiles by Aaron Clark